Financial security always comes first

With Wealth Builder, your financial future is insured. It gives you permanent protection and lasts a lifetime, your future is secured. What’s more, this participating policy lets you share the profits of YF Life and enjoy long-term savings.

Annual Dividend plus Terminal Bonus
Various Options for Receiving the Dividends
Policy Loan Up to 90% of the Guaranteed Cash Value
A Range of Premium-Payment Term Options
  • Every year, you are entitled to an Annual Dividend
  • From the 10th policy anniversary onwards, an additional Terminal Bonus will be declared
  • Accumulate in the Company as savings
  • Cash-in for use every year 
  • Pay future premiums 
  • Convert into paid-up additions
  • Have instant access to a policy loan of up to 90% of the Guaranteed Cash Value
  • Select the most convenient premium payment term from 10 years up to age 85 
  • Premium will stay exactly the same throughout the years
Issue Age (At Last Birthday)
Issue Age (At Last Birthday)

Premium payment up to age 65:
Age 0 - 55

Age 0 - 65

Benefit Term
Benefit Term

To Age 100

Premium Payment Term
Premium Payment Term

10/20 Years OR To Age 65/85

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