YF Life’s Out-patient Insurance Plan provides coverage of both Chinese and Western medical treatment.

You can enjoy comprehensive benefits and flexibility to meet your individual needs once you insured. No waiting period is required.

Comprehensive Protection With Both Western And Chinese Medicine Coverage
Unlimited Out-Patient Services At Your Fingertips
Free Choice of Doctor
No Waiting Period
Convenient Medical Card
  • The most comprehensive coverage including general consultation, specialist consultation, X-ray, laboratory tests, ultrasound examination, special investigation and advanced imaging examination. 
  • Extended coverage to include Chinese medicine.
  • Top-of-the-line benefits with unlimited out-patient medical coverage including general consultation and specialist care by western medical practitioners whenever you need it.
  • Provides over 550 Western and Chinese medical practitioners and clinics for selection, which located throughout Hong Kong, Kowloon and the New Territories. 
  • >isit any doctor within the network^


^ Medical network provided by Quality HealthCare Medical Services Ltd. 

  • Provides the most extensive out-patient coverage from the moment your application is approved
  • No waiting period is required and you get access to the service immediately. 
  • Provides a personal medical card. 
  • With this card and minimal co-payment at every visit, no claims procedures are required, so you enjoy hassle-free medical protection.
Issue Age (At Last Birthday)
Issue Age (At Last Birthday)

Aged between 15 days and 65 years# #Children under age 6 must be enrolled together with at least one family member aged 18-65.

Benefit Term
Benefit Term

To Age 66

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