When making investments, proper risk management is key to an enjoyable retirement

MY Lifetime Annuity is the solution for optimizing asset allocation, diversifying risk and accumulating wealth. Best of all, it provides guaranteed annuity income for life.

Stable Wealth Accumulation
Guaranteed Annuity Income for Life
Guarantee your Most Loved Ones can Inherit your Wealth
Financial Flexibility
11 Annuity Options
Worry-free Protections
  • Interest credited monthly at a compound rate 
  • 2.5% long-term guaranteed interest rate
  1. Lifetime fixed-income annuity
  2. Lifetime fixed-income annuity - guaranteed refund of Cash Value
  3. Lifetime fixed-income annuity - guaranteed refund of 125% Cash Value
  4. Lifetime increasing-income annuity
  5. Lifetime increasing-income annuity - guaranteed refund of Cash Value
  6. Lifetime fixed-income annuity with 10 years guaranteed payment
  7. Lifetime fixed-income annuity with 15 years guaranteed payment
  8. Lifetime fixed-income annuity with 20 years guaranteed payment
  9. Lifetime fixed-income annuity - joint annuitant
  10. Lifetime fixed-income annuity - joint annuitant and guaranteed refund of Cash Value
  11. Lifetime fixed-income annuity - Critical illness double annuity and guaranteed refund of Cash Value
  • Effectively hedges the financial impact of longevity risk
  • Pass on all or part of the Cash Value to your descendants
  • Avoid costly trustee fees
  • Lifetime annuity income for your next generations
  • Greater liquidity
  • Automatic periodic withdrawal option
  • Flexible increase in premium
  • Death Benefit – Guaranteeing Refund of Capital
  • Terminal Illness Benefit
  • Free Accident Waiver of Premium Benefit
Issue Age (At Last Birthday)
Issue Age (At Last Birthday)

Age 18 - 75

Benefit Term
Benefit Term

Whole of Life

Premium Payment Term
Premium Payment Term

Regular Premium:
5 to 62 years (issue age plus premium payment term ≤ Age 80)

or Single Premium

What is an Annuity?

An annuity is a retirement planning tool which converts accumulated savings into steady retirement income. A lifetime annuity plan is an ideal option for effectively counteracting the risks entailed by increased life expectancy. Acting like a pension created by oneself, a lifetime annuity plan guarantees sustained monthly income for life.

During the accumulation period, interest is credited monthly to the policy at a compound rate, creating a snowball effect over time. So the earlier you start, the easier it will be to achieve your financial goals. During the annuity period, a regular monthly income will be paid out, providing a steady income stream for as long as the annuitant lives. A comprehensive annuity plan not only guarantees lifelong annuity payouts, but also provides an array of annuity options to cater for your individual retirement needs.

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