Own the Future with a legacy of wealth

Infinity Saver is a flexible insurance savings plan designed to grow your assets and help you and your family to achieve your future goals. With Infinity Saver you accumulate capital with potentially higher returns.

Short Premium Payment Term of 5/10 Years
Higher Potential Returns
Convert Savings to Annuity
Spread your wealth across generations
Flexible funding
Worry-free protections
  • Accumulate a sizeable sum over a short premium payment term of 5/ 10 years
  • No medical examination is required
  • A proactive asset allocation strategy is implemented to grow your wealth
  • Enjoys a non-guaranteed Terminal Bonus from the 3rd policy anniversary onwards
  • Receives a Guaranteed Cash Value up to 350% of the Total Annual Premium paid1

1. The total Annual Premium paid is calculated based on the Annual Premium of Basic Plan.

  • When you reach the age of 55 and the 10th policy anniversary, you can decide at any time to convert all or part of the Cash Value to a lifetime annuity2

2. Current requirement on minimum Cash Value for exercising an annuity is US$10,000. The actual annuity income is subject to the annuity option selected, the Cash Value applied for exercising the annuity, and the applicable annuity rate in effect on the annuity date. Each Insured can exercise annuity option once only. The availability of the annuity option 1 “Lifetime fixed-income annuity” is guaranteed. We reserve the right to determine the annuity options available for this plan from time to time, the terms and conditions of the annuity and the annuity payment amount at the time the first annuity payment is made. 

  • Change whenever you wish – change the Policy Owner / the Insured3 at any time while the policy is in force, up to age 138 of the original Insured
  • Advance instructions – the Policy Owner5 / the Insured4,5 will automatically change to a designated beneficiary upon the death of the Insured with prior instructions

3. The Policy Owner may change the Insured after the 1st policy year and subject to the prevailing administration rules. All supplementary benefit(s) (if applicable) will be terminated upon the effective date of the change of Insured.
4. If a contingent Insured is named by the Policy Owner before the death of the Insured while the policy is in force, the Death Benefit will not be payable and the policy will not be terminated on the death of the Insured. 
5. Subject to prevailing administrative rules.

  • Withdraw part of the Cash Value by partial surrender6 at any time after the 3rd policy anniversary

6. Partial surrender of the policy will reduce the amounts of the Guaranteed Cash Value and Terminal Bonus on a pro-rata basis accordingly.

  • Accident waiver of premium Benefit7
  • Death Benefit8 guaranteeing refund of capital 

7. Applicable if the Insured is aged 18 or above. The maximum amount of premiums payable by the Company under this benefit is US$10,000 per annum (on a per-life basis).
8. The Death Benefit is applicable when the policy remains in force and before an annuity option is exercised with the full Cash Value. The Death Benefit shall not include the Annual Premium of Basic Plan that had been reduced (i.e. partial surrender). 

Issue Age (At Last Birthday)
Issue Age (At Last Birthday)

Age 0-65

Benefit Term
Benefit Term

To age 138 of the original Insured

Premium Payment Term
Premium Payment Term

5 Years / 10 Years

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