"The greatest wealth is health." However, the pressures of modern life can make us vulnerable to critical illnesses. If you were stricken by a critical illness, how could you effectively transfer the financial risk to avoid wiping out your savings and becoming a burden on your family?

Critical Illness Supreme 100+ Premium Refundable Plan offers supreme whole-life protection and comprehensive financial support to buffer you and your family from the financial impact of a critical illness and to provide you with extra peace of mind. 

Covers up to 72 Critical Illnesses
100+ Refund of Premium plus a "Terminal Bonus"
Extension of Life Protection and Extra Life Protection
MediNet Pro
  • The plan covers:

- 56 Critical Illnesses

- 8 Carcinoma-in-situ/Early Stage Cancers

- 8 Severe Child Disease

  • Effective from the 15th policy anniversary onwards, if you surrender the policy, the plan offers you a guaranteed "Refund of Premium" without deduction of any claims paid. 
  • A non-guaranteed "Terminal Bonus" will be offered at the same time so that you can enjoy a higher potential return. 
  • The Insured may opt for taking out a permanent life insurance plan1. This option is valid within 90 days following the end of one year after the diagnosis of Critical Illness with the total benefit claims reaching 100% of the Basic Sum Insured under the plan, without the need to provide proof of insurability. 
  • In the unfortunate event of the death of the Insured, the plan will pay the death benefit to your designated beneficiary in order to provide immediate support and cushion the financial impact. 

1. Only applicable to the Insured aged below 76. Please refer to the policy document for the terms and conditions of the insurance application. 

  • Second Medical Opinion Provided by US Medical Specialists
  • Quality Treatment Referrals in the USA
Issue Age (At Last Birthday)
Issue Age (At Last Birthday)

10 years Premium Payment Term:
Age 0-65

15 years Premium Payment Term:
Age 0-60

20 years Premium Payment Term:
Age 0-55

Benefit Term
Benefit Term

To Age 100

Premium Payment Term
Premium Payment Term

10 / 15 / 20 Years

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