YF Life strongly believes that each individual, whether healthy or not, has the right to insurance. 

Bringing you the first of its kind in the market, YF Life now offers the Guaranteed Acceptance Policy. As well as accepting applicaitons from people in any state of health, and with no health decalration required, only this new plan from YF Life offers guaranteed protection and a full refund of all premiums paid.

Guaranteed Protection – First in Hong Kong
Cover of up to $1,000,000
Simple Application with No Medical Examination Required
Guaranteed Refund of Premiums
  • No matter what your state of health, we will still guarantee to accept your life insurance application with no health declaration required.
  • Absolutely no exclusions
  • Absolutely no additional premiums 
  • No need to undergo any medical examination
  • No need to fill in any health questionnaire or to present any health records. 
  • From the 20th policy year onwards, if you terminate the policy, you will get back 100% of the premiums you have paid. 
  • If the policy is terminated after the 10th policy anniversary, you can still get back 50% of your premiums. 
Issue Age (At Last Birthday)
Issue Age (At Last Birthday)

Age 18 - 65

Benefit Term
Benefit Term

To Age 100

Premium Payment Term
Premium Payment Term

To Age 100

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