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In response to the latest development of the epidemic in Macau and taking into account the preventive measure and control guidelines and recommendations of the Macau government, in order to avoid crowds, our customer service center at Avenida Doutor Mario Soares No. 320, Finance and IT Center of Macau, 8 Andar A,  will be temporarily suspend from June 21 to July 1. Related external services will be suspended until further notice. If you have any enquiries, please call our customer service hotline 2832 2622 or click the following link: https://corp.yflife.com/en/Contact-Us/ to visit our company website for enquiries. Sorry for any inconvenience caused.

Healthy-Life Check Up Program

"To prevent is better than to cure." YF Life offers a full-range of health care program at member’s choice.

Our coverage includes:

Health Check-Up Programs

  • Basic Profile
  • Standard Profile
  • Premier Profile
  • Supreme Profile

Immunization Programs

  • Hepatitis A
  • Hepatitis B
  • Hepatitis A + B
  • Influenza Vaccination
  • Cervical Cancer Vaccination

Other Programs

  • Cancer Marker
  • Well-Women Program
  • Well-Men Program (Prostate Specific Antigen)
  • Mammogram and Ultrasound of Breasts
  • Dual Energy X-ray Absorption Bone Densitometry (DEXA) Spine & Hip
  • Fibroscan of Liver
  • Treadmill Exercise Electrocardiogram

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