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Global InvestPlus

Important Information

  • This investment-linked insurance product issued by YF Life Insurance International Ltd. (“the Company”) is a life insurance policy. Your investments are subject to the credit risks of the Company.
  • The premium you pay towards your policy will become and remain the assets of the Company. You do not have any rights or ownership over any of those assets. Your recourse is against the Company only.
  • Early surrender and/or withdrawal may result in a significant loss of the principal and the bonuses awarded. Poor performance of underlying funds may further magnify your investment losses, while all charges are still deductible (if any).
  • Although your policy is a life insurance policy, because the death benefit is linked to the performance of the underlying funds (linked to your selected investment choices) from time to time, your death benefit is subject to investment risks and market fluctuations. The death benefit payable may be significantly less than your premium paid and may not be sufficient for your individual needs.
  • More importantly, you should be aware of the following regarding your death benefit and the cost of insurance ("insurance charges"):
    — Part of the fees and charges you pay that will be deducted from the value of your policy will be used to cover the insurance charges for the life coverage.
    — The insurance charges will reduce the amount that may be applied towards investment in the underlying funds linked to your selected investment choices.
    — The insurance charges may increase significantly during the term of your policy due to factors such as the insured's age. This may result in significant or even total loss of your premiums paid.
    — If the Surrender Value of your policy becomes insufficient to cover all the ongoing fees and charges, including the insurance charges, your policy may be terminated early and you could lose all your premiums paid and benefits.
    — You should consult your intermediary for details, such as how the charges may increase and could impact the value of your policy.
  • The investment choices available under this product can have very different features and risk profiles. Some may be of high risk.
  • Investment involves risks. Your policy value and thus your return are calculated by the Company in good faith with reference to the performance of the underlying fund(s) from time to time, and the policy charges which continue to be deducted from your policy. The return under the policy as a whole may be lower than the return of the underlying funds linked to your selected investment choices, due to the various fees and charges levied by the Company on your policy. Past performance is not indicative of future performance.
  • Please do not rely on this material alone. You should read this in conjunction with the offering document (consist of the "Product Key Facts and Product Brochure" and the "Investment Choice Brochure") of the product, and the offering documents of the respective underlying funds involved for details, including charges and risk factors.
  • You should not purchase this product unless you understand it and it has been explained to you how it is suitable for you. The final decision is yours.

Global InvestPlus

Global InvestPlus is a single-premium investment-linked insurance product that offers you investment features as well as insurance coverage. It gives you access to a range of over 100 investment choices covering different asset classes, geographical locations and business sectors.

Global InvestPlus is an investment-linked insurance product under Class C linked long-term business as defined in the Insurance Companies Ordinance (ICO).

Important Information

Investment involves risks. The unit price of investment choices may go down as well as up. Past performance is not indicative of future performance. For details of the investment-linked insurance products, including charges and risk factors, and the relevant charges of the investment choices, please refer to their offering documents.

All consultants of YF Life Insurance International Ltd. are prohibited from providing customers or potential customers with investment advice of any kind, including but not limited to investment selection and allocation. Customers should make their own investment decisions and bear the inherent risks independently.

For enquiries, please contact our consultants, franchised agents or brokers, or call our Customer Service Hotline: 2533 5555.

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