Special Notice

In response to the latest development of the epidemic in Macau and taking into account the preventive measure and control guidelines and recommendations of the Macau government, in order to avoid crowds, our customer service center at Avenida Doutor Mario Soares No. 320, Finance and IT Center of Macau, 8 Andar A,  will be temporarily suspend from June 21 to July 1. Related external services will be suspended until further notice. If you have any enquiries, please call our customer service hotline 2832 2622 or click the following link: https://corp.yflife.com/en/Contact-Us/ to visit our company website for enquiries. Sorry for any inconvenience caused.

Useful Information

To protect customer interests and ensure quality service from intermediaries, we highly recommend that customers observe the following:

About Premium Payment:


  • Pay the premium in person.
  • Pay the premium by non-cash methods. For such payment methods, please visit this link.
  • Please login to YFLink to check the payment record 3 working days after premium payment. We will also issue an official receipt to you after 3 working days we receive your payment, except payment via autopay. If you cannot find your payment record, please contact us immediately.


  • Do not pay cash to intermediaries/third-party.
  • Do not deposit money directly to the bank accounts of intermediaries/third-parties.
  • Do not issue cheques with an intermediary/third-party as the account payee or issue cash cheques to intermediaries/third-parties.
  • Do not ask intermediaries/third-parties to pay premium on your behalf.

Other reminders:


  • Understand your needs before buying an insurance policy and choose a suitable insurance plan based on your needs.
  • Fill in the policy application form with true and complete information.
  • Sign only after a form has been duly completed. Acknowledge any alteration by putting your initial next to the amendment.
  • Read the policy contents and provisions carefully, including the covered and excluded items, and please immediately contact your intermediary or our hotline in case of any doubt.
  • A policy document is regarded as a formal legally binding document. Keep the physical policy document, if any, in a safe place that you will remember.
  • To ensure that YF Life can fully support you on your policy issues, please provide us with your updated personal particulars, such as residential address, correspondence address, occupation, phone number, nationality, place of permanent residence, tax residence or tax payer identification number, etc. The “Request for Change of Personal Data” may be downloaded via this link.


  • Do not sign any blank or incomplete forms.
  • Do not disclose your Customer Number (CN) and Personal Identification Number (PIN) to any third party.
  • Do not terminate your insurance policy simply due to the resignation of your agent to avoid unnecessary loss.

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