YF Life Launches “Infinity Saver 3”
Achieves Three Major Financial Goals: Capital Accumulation, Retirement and Wealth Legacy Enjoy Up to 15% First-Year Premium Discount and Extra Gifts

April 7, 2021

Ever since its launch, the flagship series Infinity Saver by YF Life Insurance International Ltd. (YF Life) has received popular acclaim from customers and garnered numerous coveted accolades. To continue the success of the series, YF Life has announced the launch of the enhanced Infinity Saver 3, an integrated insurance solution to help customers achieve three major financial goals: capital accumulation, retirement and wealth legacy.

Ms. Jasmine Hui, Assistant Vice President - Product Strategy and Pricing, at YF Life, says, “Amid the current uncertainties, there is an increasing need for wealth-management solutions. Infinity Saver 3 is a mid-to-long-term participating insurance plan offering higher potential returns and dividends. In addition to the Guaranteed Cash Value, the plan also offers non-guaranteed Annual Dividend as well as Terminal Bonus. With the compounding effect, the projected Cash Value continues to accumulate, such that the projected total internal rate of return (IRR) can be as high as 7%1. The plan adopts a proactive asset-allocation strategy employing diversified investment instruments, including global equities, bonds, other fixed-income intruments, properties, commodities and privately offered funds, to maintain the stability of the portfolio and mitigate the effects of volatility, in order to achieve stable and long-term returns. In order to provide a more stable return in Annual Dividend and Terminal Bonus, we adopt a smoothing mechanism, by retaining returns during periods of robust performance to support or maintain stronger annual dividends and terminal bonuses during periods of less favourable performance. Our professional investment team will review the strategy regularly and make timely adjustments to the asset allocation according to the global economic environment in order to achieve higher returns over the long term.”

Infinity Saver 3 provides various flexible funding arrangements, including a Premium Holiday of up to four years, allowing customers to cater their financial needs. Customers may also opt to accumulate the Annual Dividend in their policy to gear up for higher returns. The current interest rate on the accumulation of the Annual Dividends is 3.75%. The Annual Dividends may also be withdrawn at any time. In addition, from the third policy anniversary onward, the non-guaranteed Terminal Bonus will be declared at least once a year, and customers may then exercise the Terminal Bonus Lock-in Option to convert a portion of the Terminal Bonus into Annual Dividend, so that they can either cash out or leave it to accumulate in the policy for higher returns. To meet the personalized retirement needs of different customers, the plan offers a broad range of 11 annuity options, which is unique in this market. By exercising the annuity options, customers may opt to convert all of the accumulated cash value into a lifetime annuity, or convert part of the cash value into a lifetime annuity and leave the balance to accumulate in the policy. Furthermore, customers may transfer the policy ownership/change the Insured unlimited times to grow and share the wealth across the generations, creating a “snowball effect” of maximizing the Cash Value.

With the launch of Infinity Saver 3, dual offers will be available until May 10. Apart from the up-to-15% first-year premium discount, the first 128 customers will receive a designated OTO massager worth HK$1,280 while the remaining successful applicants will be presented with HK$400 in supermarket e-coupons. In addition, to enhance the protections against COVID-19, successful applications on or before June 30 will be eligible for the Free Protections on Diagnosis of COVID-19/Adverse Effects Following Immunization2. If the insured is diagnosed as a confirmed case of COVID-19 or suffers from Covered Vaccination Adverse Reaction, a Hospital Income Benefit at HK$800 per day, and a free Pre-hospitalization Outpatient Benefit will be offered.

YF Life Insurance International Limited is a member of publicly listed Yunfeng Financial Group Limited, whose major shareholders include Yunfeng Financial Holdings Limited and Massachusetts Mutual Life Insurance Company, one of the “Five Largest US Life Insurance Companies”*. Leveraging our robust financial background and solid reliability, YF Life is committed to helping customers “own the future” by providing professional and technology-enhanced one-stop risk- and wealth-management consulting services, as well as MPF services.

*Yunfeng Financial Holdings Limited and Massachusetts Mutual Life Insurance Company have an indirect shareholding in Yunfeng Financial Group Limited. The “Five Largest US Life Insurance Companies” is ranked according to the aggregate results of “Insurance: Life, Health (Mutual)” and “Insurance: Life, Health (Stock)” on total revenues for 2019, and based on the FORTUNE 500 as published on May 18, 2020.

1. The projected total internal rate of return is non-guaranteed.
2. Subject to relevant Terms and conditions.
YF Life launches mid-to-long-term participating insurance plan “Infinity Saver 3”, offering higher potential returns.

YF Life launches mid-to-long-term participating insurance plan “Infinity Saver 3”, offering higher potential returns.

From now until May 10, successful applicants will enjoy up to 15% first-year premium discount and receive a designated OTO massager

From now until May 10, successful applicants will enjoy up to 15% first-year premium discount and receive a designated OTO massager

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